Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Jim and Christy!!

This is one of the things Christy wanted for her birthday...so we got it for her.It sure will come in handy with the boxes she loves to make.:)

Jim shoveling ice so he can try to slide to work.LOL I put this pic on Facebook and wrote..." Only six miles to go" hehe.:)


VW said...

The number of birthdays close together reminds me of how my family was in august. Mine is Aug 4, sister's is Aug 19 and parents anniversary was Aug 25. Luckily there aren't any holidays in August!

Mrs. Miles said...

Happy B-Day you two, know you got spoiled. Ok, my Valinda, time for an update... hehe, for ME and YOU!

I'll work on my end.

Love, Barb