Friday, August 27, 2010

Christy's New Necklace.:)

Here is Christy's latest hand made necklace..including the chain.:) Isn't it pretty??!! I love the way she has allowed it to adjust to different lengths.All you have to do is pull the knots and you have a shorter necklace.:) You know those blouses where the neckline is just not in the right place for the chain on your necklace? Well...this solves that problem quite nicely.:) To make it longer..just pull on the strings instead of the knots.We need one of those "EASY"buttons here.KWIM? LOL The way she did this one is a lot sturdier than some in the past.The chain goes through the main part of the pendant..instead of dangling from a softer clay hanger. :) You live and they say..and I can relate to that.I'm still learning.hehe

Thanks so much for stopping by.:)