Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jim and I got our pond back up and running.Mostly Jim though...cause those rocks are HEAVY.:)
We had a leak for a while and every time he would try to figure out where it was coming from..he couldn't tell..until recently. He saw that the black plastic liner had slipped too far forward from under the big waterfall rocks...and the water was going behind the rocks and into the ground instead of into the small stream then back into the pond.See all that ivy in the lower left corner of the top two pics? There is actually a very small pond in the middle of it.All this ivy started from one small start from the ivy around my Sister and BIL's fish pond.LOL Makes great ground cover if you don't cut it back..and you can share with your neighbors too.hehe JK.:)
We are waiting for cooler weather before we tackle more of the concrete in the back yard. It's just too hot for such hard labor.

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