Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update on Jim's Dad

Thought I would let you know how Jim's Dad is doing now.After his mini stroke and him falling while in the hospital and hitting his head and chin and fracturing three ribs...he was finally able to come home. During his hospital stay ..they discovered he had a clot that caused the mini stroke and eventually took care of that with a stint in his vein.(after we had come home from being with him at this time).He was starting to feel a lot better and breathe a lot better..when after a week or so..he had a heart attack.A major one!! A blood clot had formed in the stint they had put in.:( It closed the artery completely and thus..the heart attack.He had to have another procedure done to remove the clot and that is gone now.YAY! He has been in the hospital for a few days and is finally recovering nicely...after several days of not knowing if he will recover or not.Whew!! "wiping brow" :) Thank you Lord! Your prayers will be greatly appreciated he has a very weak heart now and has had more damage done to it because of the recent heart attack.:( We were told yesterday that if he continues on the path he is on at the moment..he will prolly get to come home on Thursday.:) Any good good news...right?:)

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