Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Patio Update.:)

Jim and Jeremy (nephew) worked some more on the patio yesterday.The dark patches are the part they did.The concrete was still wet.When it dries will lighten like the other "pieces".Then it will all get a good washing and hopefully won't turn orange like the clay ground around it.hehe Click on the pics for a closer view.The house could use a good pressure washing..but there is no sense doing it until the yard is finished.There's still more Jim wants to do.If you look at the bottom picture.Up in the right corner where my son is grilling... there will eventually be a pad(Jim thinks this is a great place to put the grill since it is under the shade of our maple tree.) and a small sidewalk (you can see the extended area for this in the upper right corner of the patio) extending from the patio. When he is done with all the concrete work.We will...if we can still afford it..hehe..get some pine chips etc and place them around the bushes and hedges.(could have to wait until next summer if the rain doesn't let up...It will be soo pretty when it is completed.:))

Thanks for stopping in again.:)