Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Second post today.:)

Okay...I could really start liking caps now.:) I got up this morning and this was sitting on the kitchen counter.Christy had done it last night...isn't it pretty?
Just wanted to show it to you.! How do you like it?:)

Hugs again:)

Christy Air brushed her hat.:)

Jim and I came home yesterday from our evening out together and Christy had airbrushed her hat.She said she ruined it..that she thinks she liked it better just black and white. I honestly think anyone would be proud to wear an Original by Christy.:) I asked her what she had planned for the back of the hat and she said she didn't know. I am sure whatever she does to it.It will look wonderful.:)

Thank you ALL who stopped by to take a look and leave a comment!! How sweet!:)

Huge hugs,