Monday, June 21, 2010

Update on Patio :)

Well...if the weather holds out..Jim will be able to do a few more "puzzle" pieces to the patio this coming Wednesday.(His day off) He laid out the design to the rest of it and will gradually fill it in with the concrete Redi mix.Our Nephew is suppose to be here to help labor for him..and they should be able to get a lot done.YAY!! I think Jim is ready to be finished with this part of the project.LOL He would have had it done by now if the rain hadn't interfered.Isn't that the way it is though in construction and outdoor projects?
If you missed my last sure to scroll down and catch a look at the back of Nicole's wedding dress.It is gorgeous..and so is SHE.:)

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Back of Wedding Gown :)

Father walking the bride towards her groom.:)

Mom lacing up the gown...making sure it is just right.:)

Beautifully done!
Here are some pics of Nicole's wedding gown from the back view. It is such a pretty gown and SHE made IT look fantastic.:)

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