Saturday, June 12, 2010

Patio update..what a mess!!!! :)

This has Freedom's rope laying across it. I didn't remove it like I should have for the pics..but you get the idea..right?:)

This is why there haven't been many new updates on our patio....RAIN!! :) Just about the time the ground gets dry enough to pour concrete on it again...the rain comes and fills in the spaces between the "puzzle" pieces. There are a few more pieces to the "puzzle" since my latest post about the patio. Maybe we will get to finish it this summer.hehe
At least Freedom has a way to the backyard now without having to come back with mud on her feet.YAY! It will be sooo nice when it is completed.:)
We are doing fine.Just trying to keep up with the summer repairs etc. Jim rearranged the stream and stones for our pond Thursday and there is a leak.:( Gotta fill the pond up today to see if it holds water and if it does..then that will let us know that the leak is in the stream or the water fall. It's hard work..but well worth it when you get the effects you wanted.:)

As soon as I get permission to post Nicole's wedding pics..I will.:)

Thanks for stopping in!!