Saturday, May 29, 2010

Patio progress.:)

Here are some progress pics of Jim's work on our patio. The pics are not in the correct order...but you get the idea..right?:) It is a lot of hard work and is taking a while to complete...because he is only working on it in his free time.This week the weather is where all that Georgia clay is in the pics....there's muddy water.:( It will be soo nice when it is finished. Like they have to mess up to fix up sometimes.:)
The best way I can explain the pattern is almost like a puzzle.He makes random designs with the lumber and then pours the concrete in and finishes it.Let's it almost set up..then brushes it with a paint brush to smoothe it out.Then he takes all of the lumber strips off and lays out another random design next to the finished one...etc.. That is what takes so long.:)
I should take a pic of all the mud now.LOL We have tried to take Freedom out the front door instead of the back. You should see my carpet now.Well..maybe not.hehe

Thanks for stopping by.:)