Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Patio,:)

Preparing the ground for the patio.

Laying out the site for a concrete border.

Jim working on the steps going to and from the side yard.

Jim made the border around the plants first. Then he laid out the other border for the patio.He used redi mix concrete. Three dollars a bag and mixed them bag at a time in a wheel barrel.Then filled the border with the mix.When it was almost set up..he then cut the marks to make it look like bricks and brushed the top with a brush to finish the look he was after. He plans to make concrete stones for a design on the flooring.Something like slate. He will do a few at a time because he has to lay them out with the wood first and then fill them with the concrete ..etc.The round stepping stones in the pic won't be there when he is done.:) It looks like a mess right now..but it will look wonderful and be so nice for when we let Freedom out.She won't be bringing as much red clay into the house and turning our grayish blue carpet!! :) When he is done we will pressure wash the house too cause it is really needing it.Can you tell?hehe
Well..this is as far as we have gotten..well I should say..Jim has .hehe More to come as it goes.:)

Thanks for looking.:)