Thursday, April 08, 2010

A poem I wrote just now.:)

The Cross

There's nothing pretty about the

cross my Savior"Christ" hung from.

At the very beginning of time he knew

the reason he had to come.

Our blackened sin he had to wear for

all the world to see.

Tis the only way that he could truly

set his people free.

The beauty of the cross is this..that

LOVE was hanging there.

And on that cross we all could see

his compassion EVERYWHERE.

His determination to do the will of

his Father was very strong.

He wanted to take his children home

where they do all belong.

So when you think of that cross and

the shame our Savior bore...

think THIS... that our sins are

gone.. to be remembered never more.

Poem Written by:
Valinda Johnson 4-8-10