Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank you sooo much!!

I had a WONDERFUL birthday yesterday and Thank you ALL sooo much for the Birthday wishes you have left for me.HOW SWEET!:)

My Mom surprised me yesterday around eleven thirty.She called and told me not to eat lunch cause she was coming over.Then when she got here..her hands were full of all kinds of COOL stuff.:) She had stopped at the grocery store and had them make a huge sub sandwich which they cut into two pieces for us...Jimmy shared some too.:) She had gotten some chips to go with it and then in her other hand she had this pretty cupcake/cake for me...along with some sugar free candies.(Guess she knew that after the cake ..I would be on sugar free for a while.hehe) Jim stopped off after work and picked up the round chocolate cake and grabbed a few candles we had on hand..:) I am pointing at them and counting them in the pic cause Carrie (oldest grand daughter) was making sure the amount was correct.hehe Yes..I am fifty six. I have been saying that for a little while until my sister pointed out that if I was already fifty six(before my bday)..that made her a year older too.LOL She didn't like that.hehe She is four years younger than me. :) Mom stayed for lunch and did the dishes and then went back home cause she had made plans. Later in the afternoon Robby and family came over to celebrate with me.( We had met at Longhorns the evening before last for my bday this was the dessert part of the meal.LOL We put Netflix on ( they have a free trial period) and Robby found an Animaniacs movie and we watched that and the girls sat through the whole thing. I take it they liked it.:) Too cute! Then we ate cake and ice cream and afterwards they had to leave cause they get up at four in the morning to go to work.Whew!! I don't think I could do that everyday.:(
Jim had to reformat my hard drive this week cause it went kaput.(that seems to be happening a lot lately and he thinks it might be because we are buying them cheap at the Micro Center.) So....we went to Office Max and got a better one and bought the two year warranty. can teach an old dog new tricks.hehe Jim spent yesterday afternoon getting the new drive installed and then putting programs back on it. I sure hope that solves the problem...cause if this keeps happening..I may have to change my hobby.:)
My back is doing better and I am sooo happy that I am able to sit for a little while and post this to my blog.:) Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers!
Hugs to all!!