Monday, January 18, 2010

My back is improving...little by little with the help of my Chiropractor!!! The first day I went in..he told me that my right foot was 1 1/2 inches shorter than the left foot.So he adjusted my tailbone and I was able to stand straighter right away.Still extremely painful..but was sooo glad to be able to stand without bending forward.:) Then the next time I went to tailbone had shifted and he had to correct it cause the opposite side was troubling me.He adjusted it again the next day cause it had slipped out again.:( I am suppose to go back to have another adjustment. I sure hope it holds cause this is adjusting the amount of money I have in my wallet too.LOL I still have problems with the muscles in my lower back.They have been strained and won't allow me to sit or stand for very long without protesting ...then I have to go lay back down on my bed and lay flat so it will relieve the pressure some.
I am sure the family is ready for me to get better too and to be able to get back into my routine . Jim and Christy have been helping with the cooking and cleaning.Jimmy has been doing the vacuuming and dishes too..taking the trash out..running to get me something to eat and drink.:) Thanks guys!!!:)
The Doc told me not to mop floors or to vacuum any more unless it is an emergency.To get someone else to do it for me...Sorry kids! :( ....cause I am getting close to having disk problems. How he can tell that..I don't know unless it's the fact that my back won't stay adjusted?? He hasn't taken any x-rays I will just wait to see about that....but the NOT mopping and vacuuming..I think I will keep that advice.LOL
Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers! How Sweet! Thanks for the lovely comments you have left for me too! I really appreciate it.:)