Tuesday, December 07, 2010

When I saw this winter kit ..I knew I would be able to use right away.:) Here is Alexzander in the limelight.hehe Such a CUTIE.:) I used the kit "Softly Christmas" from
  • Sweet Maple Designs
  • . I think it is still available and was in one of the Christmas blog trains. Maybe you even have it in your collections from this week?? I made the frames..and they won't be in the kit if you look for them.:)

    Okay..if you look at it closely..you will see a few stragglers from the photos.That will be fixed..in the near future..but I gotta get busy doing something besides sit at my puter for now.LOL

    Thanks for stopping in.:)



    Judgirl said...

    awww...so beautiful...love the layouts a new baby ...and just efore Christmas ....way to go Valinda ...awesome job

    Chris Dick said...

    This is a fantastic Site. Is there anyway to be notified of updates? I am not very computer literate. The only reason I'm going to try digital is due to lack of space. I have done over 30 12x12 albums. However, I am looking forward to it. LOL

    VJ's Scrap Room said...

    Chris..thank you so much!! So happy you like my site.:)
    The only way I know of to be notified of updates is to "follow" my blog.Blogger has the option and you will be notified on your dashboard.:) Just copy and paste the url to my blog into the "follow this blog" box.
    I know what you mean about your 12x12 albums.I have a bunch..but not that many.LOL I do the digital scrapbooks too.8"x8" and print them out(on photo paper) when I have a page done and put them into an album.I do both digital and paper scrapping and cards etc.I LOVE to do both! Digital can certainly help with your lack of space though.:)Let me know if I can help you in some way!


    Mrs. Miles said...

    Oh its TOO DARLING! Both baby AND the layouts. This is going to be the most scrapped about baby in the universe. Lucky baby has such a talented Gramma.

    Thanks for sharing and it was a DELIGHT to host the qp you made with my artistic kit. Look forward to doing more with you, my friend.

    Love, Barb

    VW said...

    that was perfect. Very cute!