Saturday, December 04, 2010

New baby boy in the family.:)

Introducing....Alexzander Payton Hebert.:) This is the baby son of my DIL's sister. Isn't he a CUTIE??!:)
Alexzander was born this Tuesday...and is perfect!! We have been back and forth to the hospital for visits and I don't think there are many things more precious than holding a new born life.:)

Thanks for stopping in.:)



Gretch-A-Sketch @ iShootNouns said...

What a doll! I remember when my babies were still babies! Thanks for sharing!

smiekeltje said...

Oh he's sweet!!!! Congratulations on the new arrival in the family!

Mrs. Miles said...

OH OH OH!!! I love lil babies, can't I come over and just get one soft, talc-y, precious hug in? I promise I do not have a cold or anything? Too far away - well how be you give him one for me?

Congrats, my friend!

Loads of love,

Rainy said...

He's adorable@@ I was looking for a blinking to add it to my blog.. but couldn't find one.. If you would like to send me something, you can.. Thanks Rainy

vw bug said...

Love those cheeks. Reminds me of my boys!!!