Friday, December 17, 2010

Been baking cookies:)

I tried something new yesterday.Rice Crispy treats with white and chocolate crisps.I melted the marshmallows(1 bag of mini's) in butter(3 tlbs.) and then added two cups white crispies then two cups chocolate crispies,1/2 c of choc chips and 1/2 cup butterscotch chips, and 3/4 c of chopped pecans.I really liked them.:)
This is a no bake cookie.Tastes like peanut butter fudge with chewy oatmeal.LOVE these too!!:) Got the recipe online. Make sure you get the one that has peanut butter in it.I made one last week that didn't and I didn't care for it as much.:)

These are our favorite so far.Mint chocolate cookies.MMMM.:) Just buy the bag of mints (shown in pic) and follow the directions on the back of package. You won't be sorry.:)

Thanks for stopping in!!:)


Judgirl said...

Yummy a snack for Santa....he is going to love them .Might have to try to make some. have a great weekend. Hugs

smiekeltje said...

I am feeling such a bad girl, for leaving you so long without any comment and you were so often at my blog!! Shame on me, but it just happens, as you know by yourself LOL.
I will have a few pics on Monday I think, of the snow. It seems there is going even to be more!
Your cookies look yummie, should try out perhaps.
Almost time here now to put all the lights on again, so cosy. This evening I will be for a part, "free"LOL, so then it's time to put some nice music on and try to make some progress on a new kit. Have a wonderful day and thanks for your sweet comments, always appreciated!

Mrs. Miles said...

Humm... Wish I wasn't all done my baking already! Your cookies look nummy - is even be tempted for breakfast.

Love, Barb