Monday, November 08, 2010


Thank you all so much for your prayers.I know Donna and my sister Tionie appreciated them so much.The funeral was Saturday. Tionie was so happy she was able to be there for her friend.She found out that she was needed very badly.I am sure she was a comfort to her during this time.I just can not imagine the pain and loss of suddenly losing the one you have given and shared most of your life with.:(



Mrs. Miles said...

Thanks for letting us know, Valinda. I continue to lift this family in prayer - I too cannot imagine this sort of pain. Thanks for standing in for them and sharing their story with us.

I am all warm now, my friend. I do not have an electric blanket - good idea! I miss you too.

Love, Barb

Judgirl said...

THanks Val for the update... have a great week. And you remember to rest in the Lord ...He is going to answer your heart's desire.


VW said...

I am behind the times. My prayers are being added for the family that is here to deal with the grief.

VW said...

Thanks for stopping by! I just remember what I felt like when my dad died. And one of the things that helped is know those who prayed for our family. It isn't much, but it just felt good to me to know they did.

And you are a brave woman. I have 2 boys and can't imagine trying to scrap with real stuff. Egads... the mess I would have! I can't get organized as it is! ;-) thanks for the idea though... I put stuff in via the designers names when I remember... I think it is time I get better at it.