Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Christmas cards I have made :)

This first card I made using Gaye's (GS creations in the sidebar) CUTE doodle snowman. I colored it in my Photo Impact program..printed it out,cut it out, then using my glitter pen..I edged some of it and then Pasted it to a white card stock paper ..then using a green ink pad..I tinted the edges after using a decorative scissor.:) The Merry Christmas Word art came from my collections along the way and I will have to look that one up to give proper credit to the designer.:)

More cutouts, glitter etc from my Collections. The photo is dark because I had a shadow on it while taking the pic.:) I am definitely NOT a photographer.hehe

There's that shadow again.:( Light box please!!hehe Well..these bottom two have snowman stickers...plus a variety of elements etc. from my collections. I have more to show..but that is for another day.:)

Thanks for stopping in!!

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GSCreations said...

IM BLOWN AWAY LOL!!! Wow woman, your cards are incredible!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!! You have done an amazing job with them, they are fantastic!