Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Prayer Request.....

My sister got a call from her very best friend that she has had since college.Very bad news.Her friend..Donna..called Tionie..my sister...to let her know that her husband had just had a massive heart attack and passed away.He was only 54 ..younger than me.:( She said he had been complaining of his back hurting and she gave him a pillow and as she was trying to make him comfortable..he had a massive heart attack and died right there in front of her.I can't imagine what she is going through right now.So sad.:( Please pray for Donna and her loss...and for peace and comfort during this time and for my sister to be able to be there for her. Tionie has an airline ticket for tomorrow and is rushing around making plans to get out of town and get there as fast as she is able.
Thank all of you who are standing in the gap for them!!

Huge hugs and thank you,


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Dearest Valinda,

I just popped over to thank you so much for your love, encouragement and support and am sad to hear the news of Donna's husband's passing and at such a young age.

I shall keep Donna in my heart, thoughts and prayers as I can only imagine the road ahead of her as she lays her husband to rest and then has to continue on without him.

Just went in and gave my man a big hug. Robert is 54. While I truly believe that we all have an appointed time, we know not when that time is and while I have great faith and live in perfect peace, I know that I shall feel a personal loss as I know Donna is feeling. Bless her heart. My heart is heavy for her at this moment.

Thank you for sharing Valinda and for being the sweet lady that you are.

Love and hugs,
Linda XO

smiekeltje said...

What sad news again! I feel so sorry for the friend of your sister. She must have a real hard time now. I understand what she was going through at the time her husband passed away in a few moments time.
The same happened to my father. Heart attack and gone in just a second.
It will be a great help for her having her best friend at her side.
Sending up a little prayer for Donna and her husband.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thank you so much :) LOVE you!!

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Valinda,

What tragic and saddening news! It sure brings it home when it strikes someone so young, unexpectedly. Thank you for sharing her story and I will lift her and her entire family in prayer.

I will catch up with you soon - can't wait to see what Christy has been making for you. I KNOW we will see it here sometime soon.

Love, Barb

Judgirl said...

Yes Val they are in my prayers...wow I know I would not to do ...I am so thankful she has your sister and your family standing in for her and the family..God Bless you have a blessed weekend.

Hugs my friend