Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here are a few more Christmas cards I made using the COOL and really CUTE freebies I have collected.I will have to take time to find which kits etc they are from and give proper credit for them...but..not until after this weekend.Just way too busy.:)
I wanted to point out that these are the outsides and insides of each card.The inside can be just as fun as the outside if you so choose.:)

Thanks so much for stopping by again.:)



Mrs. Miles said...

Oh VALINDA - your cards are simply lovely!!! I identified right away with your using snippets of other cards - I love doing that because the sentiments are so neat. Each of your cards are unique and I was delighted to see them. wow, though, you did a LOT, I never seem to get past one or two, in fact I need to keep a back up of "bought" cards on hand, sad to say.

Will email you more later.

Love ya,

GSCreations said...

Valinda, you are amazing!! Beautiful cards!! They are really stunning, now i definitely know where your daughter gets her creative streak from!! Hope you had a happy thanksgiving, sending you loves and hugs and hope you have a great weekend.