Saturday, October 30, 2010

New update on Jim's Dad

Some of you have been asking me how Jim's Dad is seems that after Jim's Dad had this last heart attack.They did a test to see how his heart muscle is doing.Not so good.:( They told him that he would have a fifty/fifty chance of surviving a three way heart bypass..which is what would be needed to correct some of the blockages. Dad opted to live out his life the best he could without the heart surgery. They might still be able to do stints etc to keep the arteries open. The problem seems to be that his arteries are a bit worn out and they when you suck in on a straw and can't get any liquid because the straw has collapsed in on itself.KWIM? So..they go in and put a stint in the place where it collapsed.The problem is..the last time they did this..the stint didn't get put in the correct spot and the artery collapsed above the stint..thus cutting off the blood flow to his heart..and that caused another heart attack..more damage to his heart etc. Seems Dad's heart is operating only on the back muscle and none of the front.That is because of the previous heart attacks and a huge blockage going to his front heart muscle.Odd thing is..that the veins around that artery..have rerouted themselves and he IS getting a little blood going out of his heart and into this rerouted vein.Go figure!!:)
Anyway...prayers will always be appreciated. Thank you!



Judgirl said...

awww Val the Lord will be there for you and Jim and for the family I will be adding Jim's dad to my prayers ..I know the Lord will touch Jim's dad heart ...have a great ya


smiekeltje said...

Not too good news about Jim's Dad, best to do is giving him the chance to live the lifetime that is still granted to him in the best way possible.
Stay strong, thinking about you.