Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"I Worship You" by Edward John (lyrics) (excellent quality)

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Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Evening Val!!!!!!!!
Well the wedding is finally over it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!
Thou a very long 2 days for me the sitting for long hours at a time was very hard on me & since the wedding Friday afternoon I've had the chills & can not get warm!!!!! LOL
Jace & Jess are Honeymooning in Cancun & will be home late Sat!!!!!!!

I know that Jace has his cell phone with him but I'm not going to ruin their honeymoon with bad news!!!!!
My Dad has been on Hospice for a couple of weeks now & Tues evening he took a turn for the worse & was given only a day or 2!!!!!!!
Derrick took me up to see him yesterday morning after working his 24 hour shift at Whyo & went in late at Monoacy so We got a chance to see him & at 3:05 pm my Dad went to do his farming in the Big blue sky of Heaven!!!!!!!
At 84 he is no longer suffering & is at peace!!!!!!!!
I just wish things would get better but I'm leaving everything in God's hands & what will be will be!!!!!!!