Saturday, October 09, 2010

Christy made a "bits and pieces" drawer set !!

I just had to show this to you. It's not finished yet. Christy still plans on putting on more embellishments etc..but it is coming along quite nicely.:)
Christy has completely made this from scratch with chipboard and scrapbook papers.:) If I get the time..she also put some pics on Facebook that I might be able to grab and show you the steps it took to do this. She doesn't only have talent..she has patience.LOL

Thanks for stopping by again...



Judgirl said...

Val that is so beautiful...yes pattern ...step by step ...that would be so cute for a little girls jewelry box. How are you doing. I know you don't have thanksgiving yet ...but Happy Thanksgiving from a Canadain ....


Mrs. Miles said...

Love what Christy is doing here! She's good at detail work, a lot of patience, right?

I love the Shabby Princess's new kit too.

Love ya,