Thursday, October 14, 2010

Annoint me Lord

Here I am again Lord,
asking for more.
Fill me up completely
with the anointing oil.
Not only my head,
but every part of me,
I'm yielded and humbly thine
A servant to thee.

Anoint me Lord this day,
as I go along my way,
Let my life send forth a glow,
let the oil around me flow.
Anoint me Lord I pray..Amen

Broken hearts and lives
can be mended anew,
Just with one touch,
dear Lord from you.

Let the oil and the wine
bring a healing divine,
to every wounded soul,
Let it...let it overflow


Repeat *Chorus..

Anoint me Lord... oh anoint me Lord

1 comment:

GSCreations said...

Morning Valinda,
Back from our holiday now must put my brain in gear lol!! Wow you and Christy have been busy, just love the box she made you and the new bits and pieces drawer set, you both have so much talent!! The brag book pages look absolutely magnificant!! Have the results come in for your father in law, regarding the 3 way bypass? Sending prayers and love your way!