Saturday, October 30, 2010

New update on Jim's Dad

Some of you have been asking me how Jim's Dad is seems that after Jim's Dad had this last heart attack.They did a test to see how his heart muscle is doing.Not so good.:( They told him that he would have a fifty/fifty chance of surviving a three way heart bypass..which is what would be needed to correct some of the blockages. Dad opted to live out his life the best he could without the heart surgery. They might still be able to do stints etc to keep the arteries open. The problem seems to be that his arteries are a bit worn out and they when you suck in on a straw and can't get any liquid because the straw has collapsed in on itself.KWIM? So..they go in and put a stint in the place where it collapsed.The problem is..the last time they did this..the stint didn't get put in the correct spot and the artery collapsed above the stint..thus cutting off the blood flow to his heart..and that caused another heart attack..more damage to his heart etc. Seems Dad's heart is operating only on the back muscle and none of the front.That is because of the previous heart attacks and a huge blockage going to his front heart muscle.Odd thing is..that the veins around that artery..have rerouted themselves and he IS getting a little blood going out of his heart and into this rerouted vein.Go figure!!:)
Anyway...prayers will always be appreciated. Thank you!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Please VOTE and PROMOTE!

My Dear Friend
  • Mrs.Miles
  • has entered a project and needs our help to vote for her is what she says on her blog.
    THANK YOU to all of you who have hopped on board with my Pepsi Refresh Project GOOD IDEA. Every single vote counts! If you've voted, posted on facebook/twitter and are still wondering how you might help this GOOD IDEA succeed, then there are still a few ways you can do this. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to vote and to comment here. I'm sure each and every one of us is connected to someone who has been helped by the Police Force at some point. This is just a small way to say THANKS, with Pepsi footing the bill! What a celebration it will be!

    If you have not VOTED yet, you can do this by going to
  • refresh everything

  • What are you voting for? To have Pepsi foot the bill for $25,000 for me to hire an events firm to host a fabulous APPRECIATION LUNCHEON for all the Police in our Valley, and their families, and the public! IF enough votes happen, Pepsi will fund it to happen, simple as that!

    I am sure she will appreciate your doing this for her and the police in her area.:)

    Thank you so much.

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    Annoint me Lord

    Here I am again Lord,
    asking for more.
    Fill me up completely
    with the anointing oil.
    Not only my head,
    but every part of me,
    I'm yielded and humbly thine
    A servant to thee.

    Anoint me Lord this day,
    as I go along my way,
    Let my life send forth a glow,
    let the oil around me flow.
    Anoint me Lord I pray..Amen

    Broken hearts and lives
    can be mended anew,
    Just with one touch,
    dear Lord from you.

    Let the oil and the wine
    bring a healing divine,
    to every wounded soul,
    Let it...let it overflow


    Repeat *Chorus..

    Anoint me Lord... oh anoint me Lord

    Saturday, October 09, 2010

    Christy made a "bits and pieces" drawer set !!

    I just had to show this to you. It's not finished yet. Christy still plans on putting on more embellishments etc..but it is coming along quite nicely.:)
    Christy has completely made this from scratch with chipboard and scrapbook papers.:) If I get the time..she also put some pics on Facebook that I might be able to grab and show you the steps it took to do this. She doesn't only have talent..she has patience.LOL

    Thanks for stopping by again...


    Thursday, October 07, 2010

    Shabby Princess BB Pages I need to fill with pics.:)

    This is a brag book album I made using Shabby Princess's new "freebie" kit Plentiful. I did duplicate some of the items to arrange them as I liked..isn't that called "artistic license" hehe Now I just have to wait for some fall pics to fill them with.:) If you like the kit...the link to her site is in my sidebar.....>>>>>>.

    My new desktop wallpaper.:)

    I made a new desktop wallpaper for my puter a couple of weeks ago.I really love it!! I used Shabby Princess's new freebie kit...Plentiful...striped back ground paper. I also used a freebie floral cluster..but when making this..I forgot to write down where I found it and can't seem to find it again right now.It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.KWIM?hehe
    If you haven't collected the freebie kit..please visit Shabby Princess and pick it up.I LOVE her stuff!!:) Link is in sidebar........over there....>>>>

    Sunday, October 03, 2010

    Christy made another box for me:)

    I found a gorgeous set of "Faith" papers from "The Paper Studio" at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago that I just couldn't resist. I asked Christy to make a box for daily devotionals for me.:) This is the BEAUTIFUL result.She uses chipboard to actually make the box from scratch and then covers the box with gorgeous papers and then she paints and antiques the chipboard elements that are on it.Soo COOL!!:) Click on the pics for a closer look.:)

    Thanks for stopping by.:)