Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Christy's New Craft .:)

Cell phone box...too COOL!! It's hers though.:( LOL
This one is done using a key element and some beautiful gold border stickers. I LOVE the paper she has chosen to use.It's from The Fairy Tale collection sold at Micheal's a while back.:) We actually got a pack a piece..each on sale for $5.00. Can't beat that!! :)

Christy is having a blast making her own boxes.These are made using chipboard and scrapbook paper.She cuts the shape out of the chipboard..then designs the box..then wraps the paper around them .Then when the glue is dry..she puts a finish coat on them to make them water resistant.:) The bottom box with the fairy paper..she gave to me.!!! I LOVE it!!:) They are small boxes and I plan to store the beautiful jewelry she has made for me in it. But...I prolly will need another box..oh CHRISTY!!! LOL

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Notes by Nina said...

These are beautiful Valinda. I love boxes but have never tried to make any myself.

Judgirl said...

wow Val that Christy is so talented now you and her can get busy creating together ...Christmas is around the corner ...have a great weekend.


GSCreations said...

Hi Valinda, can we bottle Christy up? WOW she sure is a talented being and her talent expands to so many different area's, its fantastic!! Love the fairy box and the necklace, you a terrific mom to encourage her too!! Hope your FIL is feeling better, take care now and have a wonderful weekend, big loves and hugs