Saturday, September 04, 2010

Christy is at it again....or should I say ..still?:)

I grabbed her pic off of Facebook.LOL She just did this one yesterday.Reminds me of one of the cutest animated cartoons I have ever seen.:)
Christy..your wall is looking GREAT now.:) Soo colorful.:)

Another update on Jim's Dad.We found out he has about a two inch blockage of plaque that has plugged his artery up 100% on the left side of his heart going to the bottom of his heart.He will be going to have some more tests done to see if his heart can stand a three way bypass or not.Please continue to pray ....and THANK YOU so much.:)



Judgirl said...

that girl...Val she is so talented. We will pray for a great responds for Jim's dad ...that what ever the doctors need to do he will have the strength to make it through. Hugs to you and Jim...the Lord is standing with you.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!
TY for the heads up!!!! LOL
I always make a quick stop by real early in the morning[1-3am] when I cant sleep!!!!!
Nothing going on here just not on the computer alot right now!!!!!!!!!!
I still have Jims Dad in my prayers along with my Dad!!!!!!
Cant believe he turned 84 on Thur!!!!!!