Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Christy's paintings

Inspired by her friends(Mandi-via Sips n Strokes) paintings, she gave painting beach umbrellas a try...she likes the way it turned out...(me too) the canvas is an 8 in by 10 in canvas so it's pretty small...

Playing some more, decided to paint her toy violin and add some spice :p..She ♥ swirls...also and 8 in by 10 in canvas.

Hanging on her empty wall space :D. Click on the pics for a closer look.:)

Christy posted this on Facebook and I thought I would copy it to my blog so those of you who don't Facebook can see it too.:) I may be slightly prejudice..but I really think she has wonderful talent!!:)

Thanks for looking...



vw bug said...

I love the violin! She is very talented. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know how things were going. Take care!

Judgirl said...

love the painting Christy...your mom is so sweet she loves you to bits. Val that girl has so much talent....hope your week has been going great.