Friday, August 27, 2010

Christy's New Necklace.:)

Here is Christy's latest hand made necklace..including the chain.:) Isn't it pretty??!! I love the way she has allowed it to adjust to different lengths.All you have to do is pull the knots and you have a shorter necklace.:) You know those blouses where the neckline is just not in the right place for the chain on your necklace? Well...this solves that problem quite nicely.:) To make it longer..just pull on the strings instead of the knots.We need one of those "EASY"buttons here.KWIM? LOL The way she did this one is a lot sturdier than some in the past.The chain goes through the main part of the pendant..instead of dangling from a softer clay hanger. :) You live and they say..and I can relate to that.I'm still learning.hehe

Thanks so much for stopping by.:)



vw bug said...

It is gorgeous. And all I could think was what a pretty scrapbook paper it would make! ;-)

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

I know youur PROUD of Christy's many talents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not much going on here!!!!!!!!
Last Sat was Jess's bridal shower & it was really nice they held it outside I'm so thankful to God for it being s beautiful day & no humidty!!!!! LOL
I'm not doing much of anything right now even scrapping wise not DL much of anything!!!!!
Next weekend is Kayla's BDay party at Missy's Aunt's place!!!!!
Her BDay isnt till the 20th & they both work so they are having it early!!!!
Cat believe she'll be 2 years old already!!!!!!!
Take care!!!!!!!!!!