Friday, August 27, 2010

Christy's New Necklace.:)

Here is Christy's latest hand made necklace..including the chain.:) Isn't it pretty??!! I love the way she has allowed it to adjust to different lengths.All you have to do is pull the knots and you have a shorter necklace.:) You know those blouses where the neckline is just not in the right place for the chain on your necklace? Well...this solves that problem quite nicely.:) To make it longer..just pull on the strings instead of the knots.We need one of those "EASY"buttons here.KWIM? LOL The way she did this one is a lot sturdier than some in the past.The chain goes through the main part of the pendant..instead of dangling from a softer clay hanger. :) You live and they say..and I can relate to that.I'm still learning.hehe

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Christy's paintings

Inspired by her friends(Mandi-via Sips n Strokes) paintings, she gave painting beach umbrellas a try...she likes the way it turned out...(me too) the canvas is an 8 in by 10 in canvas so it's pretty small...

Playing some more, decided to paint her toy violin and add some spice :p..She ♥ swirls...also and 8 in by 10 in canvas.

Hanging on her empty wall space :D. Click on the pics for a closer look.:)

Christy posted this on Facebook and I thought I would copy it to my blog so those of you who don't Facebook can see it too.:) I may be slightly prejudice..but I really think she has wonderful talent!!:)

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jim and I got our pond back up and running.Mostly Jim though...cause those rocks are HEAVY.:)
We had a leak for a while and every time he would try to figure out where it was coming from..he couldn't tell..until recently. He saw that the black plastic liner had slipped too far forward from under the big waterfall rocks...and the water was going behind the rocks and into the ground instead of into the small stream then back into the pond.See all that ivy in the lower left corner of the top two pics? There is actually a very small pond in the middle of it.All this ivy started from one small start from the ivy around my Sister and BIL's fish pond.LOL Makes great ground cover if you don't cut it back..and you can share with your neighbors too.hehe JK.:)
We are waiting for cooler weather before we tackle more of the concrete in the back yard. It's just too hot for such hard labor.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Jim's Dad is doing better and he was allowed to come home! YAY!! We will find out how much damage was done to his heart from this last attack as soon as he sees his Doctor later this week. Thank you for your concern and for your prayers!:)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Update on Jim's Dad

Thought I would let you know how Jim's Dad is doing now.After his mini stroke and him falling while in the hospital and hitting his head and chin and fracturing three ribs...he was finally able to come home. During his hospital stay ..they discovered he had a clot that caused the mini stroke and eventually took care of that with a stint in his vein.(after we had come home from being with him at this time).He was starting to feel a lot better and breathe a lot better..when after a week or so..he had a heart attack.A major one!! A blood clot had formed in the stint they had put in.:( It closed the artery completely and thus..the heart attack.He had to have another procedure done to remove the clot and that is gone now.YAY! He has been in the hospital for a few days and is finally recovering nicely...after several days of not knowing if he will recover or not.Whew!! "wiping brow" :) Thank you Lord! Your prayers will be greatly appreciated he has a very weak heart now and has had more damage done to it because of the recent heart attack.:( We were told yesterday that if he continues on the path he is on at the moment..he will prolly get to come home on Thursday.:) Any good good news...right?:)

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Monday, August 09, 2010

Nine years ago today..Daddy went to be with the Lord. I LOVE and MISS you sooo much Daddy!!
The poem on this layout is one the Lord gave to me shortly before he took him home.:)


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

GS Picnic Promenade kit and layouts + Freebies

My fellow scrapper and dear friend Gaye has made such an ADORABLE and FUN kit... and I couldn't resist making some layouts using it.:) In the top layout...Christy and I made a trip to the park so she could walk Freedom..our dog..and try out her new skates. The park is really NICE...and they keep adding to it.I have pics I will show you at a later time.:)
The second layout is of my two youngest grand daughters Lexi and Destiny.The pics were taken from this last Easter.
If you would like to purchase the kit and/or grab the two freebie (8"x8") QP's I made..please visit Gaye's blog .She has them over there.:) Gaye is such a FANTASTIC artist and I LOVE her work!! :) Please tell her I said Hi and be sure to leave some love!!

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  • Monday, August 02, 2010

    Look at the sun's rays shining through at the bottom of the photo. Soo COOL!
    Another pic of the same clouds only this time I caught the sun blocker on the windshield..but's still COOL!!:)

    The sky has been absolutely AMAZING lately.These pics were taken by me on our way to Longhorns for our Anniversary dinner. Will tell more about our dinner tomorrow when I can get the pics off of Jim's cell phone.:)

    Sunday, August 01, 2010

    Today Jim and I celebrate 39 wonderful years together as husband and wife.:) I married my best friend when I was seventeen and he was eighteen. "They" say it will never last when you marry so young.Well.."they" are wrong!!LOL

    Happy Anniversary honey!! We said we would grow old together and we SURE did.hehe