Monday, June 14, 2010

Yay!! Sunshine.:)

We had some good weather yesterday and Jim was happy to be able to do more to the patio.While waiting on the concrete to dry..he trimmed hedges etc.The yard is gonna be soo pretty when we can get the patio finished and add pine chips etc around the hedges and other plants. The darker patches in the patio are wet concrete.It will dry and turn the lighter color. :)

Thanks for stopping by again and a huge hug to everyone who left a comment for me.:)



Mrs. Miles said...

Oooohhh, its looking amazing. YAY for your wonderful Jim, this will be a place you truly enjoy. What a talented and ambitious man - seeing as how you say he works so hard at work too!

I'll check for you online today - its our chat tonight if you'd like to join in?


Judgirl said...

sunshine and patio work ...Jim will have it done in no time and then a nice ice cold ice-tea for two on the patio. You must be so proud of your honey. Hugs to all Val


GSCreations said...

Morning, Finally had a gap to pop over and say hi, wow your patio is looking AWESOME,you can send some sunshine to us, we've been freezing and water pipes are bursting due to the weather....dont suppose you want to lend me Jim for awhile hehehehe, your patio is fantastic!! Have a wonderful sunny weekend, hugs