Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nicole's wedding pics:)

My niece,Nicole and her hubby got married on the beach in Mexico. Only a few of the family members from each side could afford the trip there and the stay in the luxurious we got these great pics so we could see the wedding. These are just a few of them to show you how lovely Nicole is and... Troy ain't bad looking either.LOL
I will show you the back of Nicole's gown in another post.It laces all the way up the back.:) So pretty!
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Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!!!!!
GORGEOUS photos of the BEAUTIFUL bride & HANDSOME groom!!!!!!!!!!!!
TYFS them!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG Jace & Jess's wedding is only 4 months away & I still have to buy my dress!!!!! LOL
My Future DIL is officaially a RN, BSN she passed her State Boards this week with flying colors!!!!!!!!
Jace will be moving out 4th of July weekend into their rental house & than it will only be me & Foxy in this big house!!!!!!!!
It will be nice to have my garage back so I can evently give my car a GOOD washing & put in the garage without all the dirt & pollen on it & bird poop!!!! LOL
Other than that nothing going on!!!!

Judgirl said... beautiful ...beautiful picture ...she looks so happy ...oh Val you should be so proud ...thank for stopping by when you do have a great week ...God Bless and you give that man of yours a big Father's Day hug from us up here in B.C.