Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Patio Update.:)

Jim and Jeremy (nephew) worked some more on the patio yesterday.The dark patches are the part they did.The concrete was still wet.When it dries will lighten like the other "pieces".Then it will all get a good washing and hopefully won't turn orange like the clay ground around it.hehe Click on the pics for a closer view.The house could use a good pressure washing..but there is no sense doing it until the yard is finished.There's still more Jim wants to do.If you look at the bottom picture.Up in the right corner where my son is grilling... there will eventually be a pad(Jim thinks this is a great place to put the grill since it is under the shade of our maple tree.) and a small sidewalk (you can see the extended area for this in the upper right corner of the patio) extending from the patio. When he is done with all the concrete work.We will...if we can still afford it..hehe..get some pine chips etc and place them around the bushes and hedges.(could have to wait until next summer if the rain doesn't let up...It will be soo pretty when it is completed.:))

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Second post today.:)

Okay...I could really start liking caps now.:) I got up this morning and this was sitting on the kitchen counter.Christy had done it last night...isn't it pretty?
Just wanted to show it to you.! How do you like it?:)

Hugs again:)

Christy Air brushed her hat.:)

Jim and I came home yesterday from our evening out together and Christy had airbrushed her hat.She said she ruined it..that she thinks she liked it better just black and white. I honestly think anyone would be proud to wear an Original by Christy.:) I asked her what she had planned for the back of the hat and she said she didn't know. I am sure whatever she does to it.It will look wonderful.:)

Thank you ALL who stopped by to take a look and leave a comment!! How sweet!:)

Huge hugs,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Christy's decorated hat:)

Christy and I made a trip to Michael's craft store this afternoon.She bought a plain white cap for three dollars and when she got home..decorated it. It only took her about twenty minutes and I told her to put the cap on the lampshade in my room to dry where no one will touch it.( She gave me a funny look when I said that..:)) She used black puffy fabric paint and it is soooo CUTE!!:) She centered the flowers with different colored Rhinestones.Don't you just love it? Makes me wish I wore caps.:( Hmm..that's one way of making sure she gets to keep this one.LOL


Monday, June 21, 2010

Update on Patio :)

Well...if the weather holds out..Jim will be able to do a few more "puzzle" pieces to the patio this coming Wednesday.(His day off) He laid out the design to the rest of it and will gradually fill it in with the concrete Redi mix.Our Nephew is suppose to be here to help labor for him..and they should be able to get a lot done.YAY!! I think Jim is ready to be finished with this part of the project.LOL He would have had it done by now if the rain hadn't interfered.Isn't that the way it is though in construction and outdoor projects?
If you missed my last sure to scroll down and catch a look at the back of Nicole's wedding dress.It is gorgeous..and so is SHE.:)

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Back of Wedding Gown :)

Father walking the bride towards her groom.:)

Mom lacing up the gown...making sure it is just right.:)

Beautifully done!
Here are some pics of Nicole's wedding gown from the back view. It is such a pretty gown and SHE made IT look fantastic.:)

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nicole's wedding pics:)

My niece,Nicole and her hubby got married on the beach in Mexico. Only a few of the family members from each side could afford the trip there and the stay in the luxurious we got these great pics so we could see the wedding. These are just a few of them to show you how lovely Nicole is and... Troy ain't bad looking either.LOL
I will show you the back of Nicole's gown in another post.It laces all the way up the back.:) So pretty!
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Yay!! Sunshine.:)

We had some good weather yesterday and Jim was happy to be able to do more to the patio.While waiting on the concrete to dry..he trimmed hedges etc.The yard is gonna be soo pretty when we can get the patio finished and add pine chips etc around the hedges and other plants. The darker patches in the patio are wet concrete.It will dry and turn the lighter color. :)

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Patio update..what a mess!!!! :)

This has Freedom's rope laying across it. I didn't remove it like I should have for the pics..but you get the idea..right?:)

This is why there haven't been many new updates on our patio....RAIN!! :) Just about the time the ground gets dry enough to pour concrete on it again...the rain comes and fills in the spaces between the "puzzle" pieces. There are a few more pieces to the "puzzle" since my latest post about the patio. Maybe we will get to finish it this summer.hehe
At least Freedom has a way to the backyard now without having to come back with mud on her feet.YAY! It will be sooo nice when it is completed.:)
We are doing fine.Just trying to keep up with the summer repairs etc. Jim rearranged the stream and stones for our pond Thursday and there is a leak.:( Gotta fill the pond up today to see if it holds water and if it does..then that will let us know that the leak is in the stream or the water fall. It's hard work..but well worth it when you get the effects you wanted.:)

As soon as I get permission to post Nicole's wedding pics..I will.:)

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