Monday, April 19, 2010

Nicole's Bridal Shower

Nicole opening her gifts...
All kinds of goodies to eat....
The cake table sure made my cake look nice.:)

Here are a few pictures I took at Nicole's bridal shower this last Saturday afternoon.It really turned out nice.Christy went with me and we got to see several friends that we hadn't seen in quite some time.:)
The bottom two photo's are of Nicole and Katlyn. Katlyn is Nicole's brother's daughter. My sister's grand daughter..and my great Niece.:)
Most of the pics turned out great. Katlyn had a huge boo boo on her lips.It affected both the upper and lower lip..I fixed the photo.LOL
Thanks for stopping by to look.:)



Judgirl said...

Beautiful pictures Val... she going to be a beautiful bride. Yourt grand niece is a cutey . Have a great week.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Sweety!!!!!!!!!!
TYFS your AWESOME Pics!!!!!!!!!!
Well I got the flowerbed done along side the driveway so today I'm heading out back to do that small one!!!!!!! LOL
Hope it warms up a little thou!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

WOW!!! Valinda, my eyes are feasting upon immense beauty this afternoon! What a LOVELY bridal shower for Miss Nicole and your cake is AMAZING!

I had to chuckle just a wee bit as I just read a fellow designers Facebook post several days ago and she had just created her first cake in like 20 years and was told the same thing as you!

Valinda, your cake is GORGEOUS and I have always been in awe of those of you with such talent as to create such INCREDIBLE masterpieces!

I wish to thank you from the depths of my being and also from Tiffany and Joshua for your prayers. I spoke with Tiffany last night as Robert was on his way back to California and finally had the opportunity to tell her that I had some VERY special ladies in Scrapland praying for them too and she said all the prayers mean more to them than anything!

Thank you SO much sweet lady. I shall give periodic updates woven in with my regular blog posts and SO appreciate your continued support and friendship.

Wishing you and yours a GLORIOUS week!

Linda :D

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh, and I neglected to mention that I am hoping for the same results as your lovely cake when I bring my sewing machine out of hiding this summer! I used to sew a lot for my girls when they were young and then couldn't keep up with it with all six of the kiddos, homeschooling and such. I LOVE to sew and now that I have a granddaughter on the way, I'm thinking this would be a VERY good time to dust that 'ol machine off and giver 'er a go! He, he ... :D

Mrs. Miles said...

Wow - I've missed so much!!!

Nicole is so pretty, your photos are wonderful. I especially like the one of Nicole and Kaitlin.

YOU did this cake??? Wow, what a talented family you have! How did it feel to decorate again? Did you just burn yourself out before? I know how that can be - turning something you love into a business. Sometimes that quashes it.

Your pantry is coming along... you don't want to know what mine looks like, but I AM greatful just to have one!

I'll be looking for you when I'm online.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!!!!
TY for stopping by!!!!!!!!!
I have ALL my flowerbeds cleaned now!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just need to blow the leaves off the stones in the front bed, Derrick was going to help me with that today but the rain has put a stop on that!!!!!!!!
I cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!
Out back in the flowerbed I planted the remaining Iris tubes that were lose & sprinkled a box of seeds so that bed is done!!!!!!!
I cant believe it but a couple of the iris's I replanted in the front beds are blooming!!!!!!!!!! LOL
My knees arent to bad bad as long as I'm careful!!!!
I must work on a LO for Jess's Grad on May 8th & Mother Day on the 9th!!!!!!!
Jess is so HAPPY she's gotten a job she applied for too!!!!!!!!!!
Well thats it for today!!!!!!!!!!
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!