Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nicole's Bridal Shower Cake

My Niece is having a bridal shower today.I spent yesterday making her cake. They decided on a "Round the Clock" theme. They sent us a suggestion and gave us each a "time of day". For instance..I had the five o'clock hour and they suggested a cookbook or dinner gift certificates.This way..she would get a gift that would be useful during that time of day.I think it's a cool idea and you certainly know what to look for as a gift.:) The theme is the reason for the cake design.My sister asked me to make a cake with a clock on it. The colors were a bright pink but not neon...hehe and the green that was on the invitation. Hope I captured it all for her.:) The size of the cake is 12" round.Two chocolate and one yellow...just for variety.hehe
It has been about seven years since I decorated cakes for a living. Jim told me it would be like riding a bike..but I was a little wobbly getting back on.LOL I was surprised that I could still accomplish it.The hardest part was making the icing to a consistency that I could work with. Oh..and the clean up.....Ay yi yi!! LOL I am a very messy cook.:)
I even baked a chocolate cake and iced it with canned chocolate icing..for my family.:) They loved it.:)

On another subject...I have told some of my blogging friends that I am gonna take some time off of the blog.I have soo much I need to catch up on around the house and with it being Spring..and the pollen is everywhere and on everything...there is some cleaning that needs to be done...sorting of junk mail and organizing to be done. I think I will only post when there is something I really really want to share.:)
Hope you enjoy your weekend!!



LilyBelle said...

Oh Valinda, the cake is fabulous - a real work of art. It's almost seems a shame to cut it up and eat it. But I guess that's what cakes are for. If I were you I'd certainly be doing a layout with the photos. Glad to hear you're taking a bit of a break. I guess we all need that from time to time.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Mormimg Sweety!!!!!!!
AWESOME JOB on the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont blame you for taking a break!!!!!!! LOL
Well I started on my flowerbed on the side of the driveway & have it 2/3's done would have been done already but since my iris were standing half way out of the ground I dug them up & replanted them into the other 2 flower beds that I already cleaned out in the front of the house, I know that it should have been done in the fall but to my surprise even with the cool weather they are looking pretty good!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
The digging hasn't done any good for my knees!!!!!!!!

Monika said...

Oh wow such a beautiful Cake!!! For I cake like this I would concider getting married... ;)

Judgirl said...

wow what a cake ..girl you are good ...great.... awesome. I bet she loved it