Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LOVE this LO.:)

I got a freebie Qp from KellyBelle Designs..(link in sidebar) and knew exactly which pics I wanted to use in it.:) I think it turned out just perfect!!

Jim is off of work today and down in the garage with Freedom.(our doggie)hehe.It was soo funny this morning. Jim has been working around the house and in his shop or outside in the yard on his days off the last few weeks and Freedom has been going everywhere he his shadow.:) Anyway..this morning Jim was at his computer with his house coat on (not his regular go to work clothes) reading his email etc.Freedom was laying next to him and every once in a while we would hear her whine. Jim would say something to her and she would perk up her ears and look at him in anticipation. Jim continued to read his email and when he told me.."Well..I guess I had better get dressed and get busy downstairs" she jumped up all excited and ready to go.LOL She does the same with Christy on her days off. Freedom KNOWS when she is wearing her everyday clothes and not her scrubs for work.hehe Christy use to take Freedom for walks on her days off..but Freedom is ten years old now with achy bones and bad hips and I found out she is getting cataracts now...Bummers. Anyway..after a short's all she can do to get herself up off of the floor or up and down the steps to go outside.So..we don't do that as often.Poor pup..she really loved her walks.:( Maybe that is why she gets sooo excited to get downstairs with Daddy.:)

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Nicole's Bridal Shower

Nicole opening her gifts...
All kinds of goodies to eat....
The cake table sure made my cake look nice.:)

Here are a few pictures I took at Nicole's bridal shower this last Saturday afternoon.It really turned out nice.Christy went with me and we got to see several friends that we hadn't seen in quite some time.:)
The bottom two photo's are of Nicole and Katlyn. Katlyn is Nicole's brother's daughter. My sister's grand daughter..and my great Niece.:)
Most of the pics turned out great. Katlyn had a huge boo boo on her lips.It affected both the upper and lower lip..I fixed the photo.LOL
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nicole's Bridal Shower Cake

My Niece is having a bridal shower today.I spent yesterday making her cake. They decided on a "Round the Clock" theme. They sent us a suggestion and gave us each a "time of day". For instance..I had the five o'clock hour and they suggested a cookbook or dinner gift certificates.This way..she would get a gift that would be useful during that time of day.I think it's a cool idea and you certainly know what to look for as a gift.:) The theme is the reason for the cake design.My sister asked me to make a cake with a clock on it. The colors were a bright pink but not neon...hehe and the green that was on the invitation. Hope I captured it all for her.:) The size of the cake is 12" round.Two chocolate and one yellow...just for variety.hehe
It has been about seven years since I decorated cakes for a living. Jim told me it would be like riding a bike..but I was a little wobbly getting back on.LOL I was surprised that I could still accomplish it.The hardest part was making the icing to a consistency that I could work with. Oh..and the clean up.....Ay yi yi!! LOL I am a very messy cook.:)
I even baked a chocolate cake and iced it with canned chocolate icing..for my family.:) They loved it.:)

On another subject...I have told some of my blogging friends that I am gonna take some time off of the blog.I have soo much I need to catch up on around the house and with it being Spring..and the pollen is everywhere and on everything...there is some cleaning that needs to be done...sorting of junk mail and organizing to be done. I think I will only post when there is something I really really want to share.:)
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mama ...Easter 2010

Here's a layout of my Mama that I made using my friend , Gaye's "My Montage" kit. It's really a Beautiful kit and I only used one of the papers on this LO. Take a look at the full kit on
  • Gaye's
  • blog and grab it while you can.:)
    I have been working on this off and on in whatever free time I have had.Which "ain't" much..let me tell you.:)

    Oh..Mama will be eighty one years old the fifteenth of April.She's so pretty!!:)

    Hope you are enjoying your beautiful weekend!!:)


    Thursday, April 08, 2010

    A poem I wrote just now.:)

    The Cross

    There's nothing pretty about the

    cross my Savior"Christ" hung from.

    At the very beginning of time he knew

    the reason he had to come.

    Our blackened sin he had to wear for

    all the world to see.

    Tis the only way that he could truly

    set his people free.

    The beauty of the cross is this..that

    LOVE was hanging there.

    And on that cross we all could see

    his compassion EVERYWHERE.

    His determination to do the will of

    his Father was very strong.

    He wanted to take his children home

    where they do all belong.

    So when you think of that cross and

    the shame our Savior bore...

    think THIS... that our sins are

    gone.. to be remembered never more.

    Poem Written by:
    Valinda Johnson 4-8-10

    Wednesday, April 07, 2010

    I am NOT ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

    Please listen all the way to the end to be blessed.I LOVE this song!!:)


    Sunday, April 04, 2010