Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Re-doing the Pantry :)

Remember the pull out pantry that Jim made for me a while back ? got to be too heavy for me to keep pulling it out and pushing it back in with it loaded down with groceries.So...I asked Jim if he could make some drawers for it instead.That way.. all I would have to do is pull out the drawer with the stuff in it that I needed instead of that and everything else.:) He started on it right away and custom fit it to the desired heights that I needed for the different sized food items.YAY!! Please scroll down to see the "almost" finished project.:)
He put slats on each side to use as drawer runners.
These are the almost finished drawers.Still need a coat of varnish and a few finishing touches.I pulled one of the drawers out so you could see how this works.:)
Jim attached the door with some special door hinges.( the kind for the disabled) This allows the door to open with the other shelving unit behind it and also be out of the way for the drawers to pull out.:)
Here is the "almost" finished door.It needs a coat of white enamel and some repair for the little nicks that were made in the removal of it from the pull out pantry.:)( Jim had screwed it to the front of the pull out pantry and it had to have fillers etc to cover all those screw holes). I am trying to decide if I want to paint the big hinges white or leave them as they are...decisions ..decisions..:) We have a lot to do this Spring and Summer. One thing on the list is new linoleum or tile for the floor.This one has been torn up from the rollers on the pull out pantry.:( It will be sooo nice for all of us when it is finished.I can already tell a difference in it.:)

Thanks for looking.:)



smiekeltje said...

Oops, what a GREAT idea and fantastic job Jim did here! Thumbs up! When has he some time off to come over and make me one???? LOL
It looks beautiful! And about the hinges, I think you better not paint them, often after some time the paints starts a bit to bladder, best leave them as they are. Why not? They look fine.
Are you having more plans for Jim??
Have a super day! Hugs

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!!!
WOW thats a AWESOME IDEA & JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
WTG JIM!!!!!!!
Not much going on here but hoping to get my butt out & start on the front flowerbed where the pond use to be hopefully its not to wet with all the darn rain we've had!!!!!!!! LOL
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Di @ Legacy4Life said...

That is a really cool pantry. Wonder if I could set something like that up my kitchen ... :)

Judgirl said...

wow give that Jim a big hug he did an awesome job for his love of his life. Valinda it looks so great and will be so easy for you. God Bless you over this Easter.