Monday, March 15, 2010

Lexi BB page

This is a brag book page I made using Bug-A-Boo kit by Kelly Jo.Isn't it CUTE!! Love all the cute happy bugs and flowers!!:) The photo is of my middle Grand daughter Lexi on her 10th birthday.She is a leap year baby and tells everyone she is only 2 years old.hehe She loves this was perfect for a layout of her.:)

I have been dealing with a really bad cold...again!!:( Prayers would be much appreciated.:)Thanks!



Mrs. Miles said...

Awwww! I hope you feel better soon, my friend. I'll be thinking of you. I'll say a prayer of healing for you - but I also know you have a wonderful family who will be taking terrific care of you too.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!
Seems like they are making their run around again!!!!
Colds that is I just got over fighting a nasty one so I havent had a chance to visit my Dad since his transfer & hope to visit him this Friday!!!!!!
I sure hope that this WET weather is finished for a little while as my knees sure could use some rest from the pain!!!!
I'm so ready for warm weather & a try at getting out & starting on my flower beds!!!!! LOL
Get LOTS OF REST & LIQUIDS!!!!!!!!!!

smiekeltje said...

Hope the cold takes off soon! Love the layout! Take care and have a big hug

Judgirl said...

what a cutey ...and what a neat birthday day ...she will have fun with that date when older...hahaha. Valinda I pray a touch of God's love for you during this time of being sick ...I know your family will be looking after you with chicken soup and love. You have a great week my friend. And thanking for stopping by ...


Mrs. Miles said...

Looks LOVELY Valinda! Sheesh you're going to make me want a new look soon too :0

xashee's corner said...

you are always my prayers. sure hope you feel better soon!
stopping by to let you know we have two rooms finished, well, are they ever really finished!? lol
i even share a link to the dollhouse plans we found online!! stop by when you are feeling up to it! hugs!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Mornimg Val!!!!!
Nothing much going on here!!!!
I did manage to get out for a lttle while yesterday morning & actually got the flowerbed cleaned out in front of the house at the garage!!!!! YIPPPPPEEEEE a EARLY start this year!!!!!
Even though we than got rain!!!!!!!
I'm aching today so will take it easy & hoping to get up to the nursing home to visit my Dad!!!!!