Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Christy's FINISHED doll.:)

Okay..I jumped the gun and was so excited to show you Christy's doll before it was finished the last time I posted about it. Here is her finished product..which by the way..is already SOLD!! :) A co-workers Mom saw it on facebook and wanted it. How COOL..even before it was finished!!! I am a little upset..cause ..I would have LOVED to add her to MY collection!!hehe Christy painted the eyes and airbrushed the tail and added glitter to the edges..She made the rock with all the cute little seashells too. She is sooo clever!!:) She even put gloss on the Mermaid's torso so it would look like she is wet. I tell you...that co-worker's Mom is getting a wonderful handmade doll for a VERY good price!! It pays to be a friend of Christy's.hehe
I would absolutely LOVE it if you would leave a comment for Chrsity here! :)

Thanks for looking!



xashee's corner said...

HUGS!! Hi girlfriend! Always so good to hear from you! oh my goodness how i LA LA LOVE your daughter's dolls!! i cannot hardly believe the talent she has! i have LOVED each doll i saw over these past few years!! i, too, hope to own one some day, but then who would not want at least one? :D
oh and thank you for sharing the gemstone site. i am definitely downloading tonight! hehe
John and i have been into them for over a year now. for me, it is getting back to them, after many years and there are now so many new ones discovered!!
i had to giggle when you asked me to 'pick you up' for when i post our first dollhouse! hehe You can COUNT on it!
oh and before i go, thank you for sharing YOUR talents too!! your qps never cease to make me smile!
Love ya!! Have a GREAT day, my friend! :D

Judgirl said...

Valinda I can feel the pride and honour you have for your daughter's Christy and her dolls ...the mermaid is beautiful..but your daughter always does an awesome job....way to go Christy. Great pictures ..thanks for sharing have a great week .

Hugs and lots of them

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

WTG Christy!!!!!!!!!!!
Not much going on here!!! LOL

Mrs. Miles said...

What a wonderful talent - she looks almost real! If she were placed against an aquarium I'm sure it would have tricked us all! I am sure we cannot appreciate all the fine details.

What I lived hearing is that the lady who bought her bought her because she fell on love with it. As an artist this means more to me than the price something fetches.

Thx for sharing her talent with us - you must be so proud!


Samantha said...

I come here through my mothers blog....judgirl.
I have been here many of time and have seen a few of your daughter dolls and she really is truly talented and they are all really wonderful.

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Thank you so much Samantha...so sweet of you!!:) Christy is working on another doll too...can't wait to see it finished.:)