Friday, February 26, 2010

You are so special!

Here is a brag book page I just made using Mel's freebie kit for this month "Happy in Love". I love the colors she chose for this month and her designs are SOOO Cute!!:) This is my great Niece Katlyn again. She was playing when I called her and she looked up at the camera.:) Those are some of the best shots...unexpected ones.hehe
Thanks for looking..and if you like the kit can find it at Mel's Lightbulb Moments..(link in sidebar).



smiekeltje said...

She does look special!
Thanks for stopping by so often. I am sometimes a bit behind in answering, but don't think ever I don't read them and that I don;t appreciate them.
Sadly enough just after posting on my blog, I got a phonecall from my friend Heidi, she was quit in panic, because the Portcat(for the medication she needs all day) seemed to be blocked, not something good. So she had to go back to the hospital in Amsterdam. I right away hopped in a few clothes, didn't even bother to do my hair and rushed out to her. I think I was in 15 minutes at her house after the phonecall! Lucky her husband was home again( he had a checkup too)and so she was calmed down a little bit. I am waiting now for a call from Danny, but that can take a while. I stayed at her house with the little girl, to wait for grandpa to pick her up. In the afternoon I returned again to let the doggie out. So I had my exercise today!
I hope in a way that the hospital will keep Heidi there for a couple of days. Would perhaps be better, in that way she is under surveillance, but I can understand her that she wants to go back home as soon as possible. We'll see what happens during the day.
Good to read you are feeling better and that you are able to do a bit of moving around. And yes, if you forget about the house, because you just are forced to, it piles up faster than you think! LOL. Nice that your mom gave you some help!
Now what about a restful weekend? Not a bad idea, hmmm?
Have a lovely weekend

Judgirl said...

what a little awesome job Valinda ....yes those colors are beautiful together. Love the brag book . Have a great weeekend. Maybe one of these we can hook up online.
Hugs my friend


Mrs. Miles said...

I agree with Judy, this IS so sweet! Both the pic and the brag book. I've been a bad bloggie friend too My Valinda. You better beat me up next time you see me online. *snort* then we will have a good visit after, right? haha!

Have a great weekend!