Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!! :)

WOW!! Jim came home with his hands full yesterday after work and this is what he had in them for me.:) Click on the pics to see a better view of them.I didn't enhance them much.Just enough to get them to show up on here. The card is much brighter...and my hand is NOT that big.LOL It's a small box of candy.hehe
Jim and I have been Valentines for forty two years.Since I was thirteen and he was fourteen.:) I couldn't have picked a better man!! He loves the Lord with all his heart and puts that much love towards me too.What more could I ask?:)

Hope you ALL have a wonderful day today!!:)



Judgirl said...

Happy Valentine's Day my friend. You are blessed ..what a man. Hope your day is filled to the top with love and family...God Bless you and Jim today and all year long .


Designs By Jennifer Rassi said...

Happy Valentine's Day Valinda!! We got 10 inches of snow on Thursday and lost cable, internet and home phone until 10 pm Saturday night. I was finally able to get back on and check emails and stuff. Thanks for trying to let me know about the link not working. I don't know what was wrong with it, but it's working now. :) So be sure you grab it! I'll be posting pics of the snow and new kitchen counter tops in a few days. :) Take care and don't be a stranger!