Monday, January 18, 2010

My back is improving...little by little with the help of my Chiropractor!!! The first day I went in..he told me that my right foot was 1 1/2 inches shorter than the left foot.So he adjusted my tailbone and I was able to stand straighter right away.Still extremely painful..but was sooo glad to be able to stand without bending forward.:) Then the next time I went to tailbone had shifted and he had to correct it cause the opposite side was troubling me.He adjusted it again the next day cause it had slipped out again.:( I am suppose to go back to have another adjustment. I sure hope it holds cause this is adjusting the amount of money I have in my wallet too.LOL I still have problems with the muscles in my lower back.They have been strained and won't allow me to sit or stand for very long without protesting ...then I have to go lay back down on my bed and lay flat so it will relieve the pressure some.
I am sure the family is ready for me to get better too and to be able to get back into my routine . Jim and Christy have been helping with the cooking and cleaning.Jimmy has been doing the vacuuming and dishes too..taking the trash out..running to get me something to eat and drink.:) Thanks guys!!!:)
The Doc told me not to mop floors or to vacuum any more unless it is an emergency.To get someone else to do it for me...Sorry kids! :( ....cause I am getting close to having disk problems. How he can tell that..I don't know unless it's the fact that my back won't stay adjusted?? He hasn't taken any x-rays I will just wait to see about that....but the NOT mopping and vacuuming..I think I will keep that advice.LOL
Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers! How Sweet! Thanks for the lovely comments you have left for me too! I really appreciate it.:)



Mrs. Miles said...

I am praying for your healing still!

Ok - now you are making me feel GRATEFUL that i CAN vacuum and stuff... I will rejoice in it knowing I can do it without pain.

catch up with you VERY VERY soon.


smiekeltje said...

Hello Val!
Oh boy, good to read that there is a little improvemet on your back. But still you have to be VERY careful with every move you make. But there is improvement to velebrate, so let's be happy. No heavy stuff in the household for you anymore? Oh what nice LOL! Glad you have such great help from your loved ones, that makes it a bit easier. Take care and move like a turtle LOL! Hugs Kyra

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!
Glad that your improving!!!!
Slow as it may be!!!!
Im fine as long as I dont stand or sit for long periods of time & been laying down too!!!! LOL
HUGE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!
PS Did get another LO done of Kayla!!!!! LOL

Judgirl said...

ohh Val ...let those who love help you out ...wish I lived closed cause I would e therre in a moment. Girl you relax and get healed . You are in my prayers and I know the Lord is going to do a wonderful job in you and your back.

God bless you and hold you and may you feel the love the peace the healing warth flowing through you body.


Robbi and Mike said...

Oh my goodness Val, you really need to take it really easy and
do what the doc says, dont want it to get any worse thats for sure. Glad to hear you have a bit of improvement, that is good. Gosh, I didnt realize I hadnt been here since Christmas time :( Im sorry, have been pretty busy and not doing much blogging, as Im sure you saw from my misserable blog, lol. Hope you enjoy mine and Michaeles QP's, we sure enjoy making them.
Well, you take care of that back now and God Bless and watch over you - Big SOft Hugs!