Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me :)

Today I turn another year older...Thank the Lord!!! :)
We celebrated my b-day yesterday evening since the family have to work today.I picked the restaurant that I wanted and without going into great details...We won't be going back.:)Let's just say that prices went up and quality went down.:(
On a good note...I was able to sit without that awful pain in my back...thanks to my Chiropractor .!! YAY!! :) He wants me to come back once a month to maintain all the work he has been doing to get me back in shape.Jim and I think it will be worth the investment. I'm not completely mended but well on the way.Whew!!! That was a rough one.:)

Thanks for stopping in!:)

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smiekeltje said...

Oh, how could I forget. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good to hear your back is going much better already! Pity the restaurant wan't quite what you expected, but the gathering of the family should have made it up a bit, LOL! Hope you will have a fantastic day,

Mrs. Miles said...

Hi Sweetie,

I have a little 'sumfin' on my bloggie for you!

I wish I were home today so I could spend the day with you (online of course) but alas I'm not.

I will be thinking of you and wish you an OH SO WONDERFUL day.

Love ya,

Judgirl said...

Well girl HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I konw all the family will be spoiling ...sounds like they started off doing a great job ...glad to hear you are on the mend take it easy relax ...yes it would be nice to chat to you to like Barb said ...but I know you know how much we love you and pray the very best for you ...

all my love and hugs

Notes by Nina said...

Happy Birthday :) Have a wonderful day.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

LUV YA!!!!!!!!!!!