Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christy's Polymer Clay Video 2009

Christy just made a video of some of her jewelry that she made this last year.She is soo talented!!! I just had to show you.:)

Enjoy!! Please leave a comment for her.:)


Mrs. Miles said...

YES, she IS sooooooooo talented. I treasure my necklace! Each time I've worn it I've had wonderful compliments. I love knowing your daughter made it - what a gifting. Thank you especially for allowing us to see the rest of her amazing creations.

Love ya,

smiekeltje said...

Oh she's is talented! Her pendants look wonderful! You should(as you ARE) be proud of such a creatice daughter!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!!!
TY so very much for sharing the AWESOME video of Christy's work!!!!!!!!!
She is FANTASTIC!!!!!!
I've a sugestion for her!!!!
A teardrop with a Firefighter shillotte[Spelling ?] & even a police officer!!!!!!
Not much going on her right now!!!!!!!
Just trying to cope with every day life!!!! LOL
I seen that you've already been to my FAVORITE Person's blog already & its so good to see My SWEET FRIEND back on line, I've missed Linda aLOT!!!!!!!!


Judgirl said...

Yes Christy is very talented girl ...I love my cross. You are very blessed Val ...give Christy a big hug from me ..please.


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Morning Val!!!!!
I was feeling a little better until Tuesday moring when I went for groceries!!!!
I only needed a few things but thought that walking thru the whole store to exercise my legs would be good but NOT the pain started up again!!!! I should have known better to just take it easy for a little longer!!!!
Not much going on here!!!!!!
Except snow & now a big storm is heading our way FRiday!!!! LOL