Friday, December 31, 2010

Organized my scrapbook cabinet

I spent part of the day before yesterday organizing the scrapbook cabinet Jim built for me. I took a lot of stuff off of the top of the cabinet and then slowly reorganized it while putting most of it back up there because I didn't have anywhere else to put it.hehe Now I need to get the rest of my mess off of the dining room table .. so we can get back to a somewhat normal routine.:) Jimmy helped me to put the Christmas decorations back into boxes and placed back in their resting places in the garage the day before this. :) It's been a really busy week!!!
Happy New Year my friends!!!:)


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sanctuary - worship video with lyrics.wmv

Just as I woke up this morning I got this scripture verse....Romans 12:1
I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
Then immediately after..this song. I LOVE the way my Lord works in me!!! He will do the same for you if you let him.:)

Merry CHRISTmas to all!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Show and Tell.:)

I have a display of bath items that are above my garden tub. I found these two pics..on the left...from Goodwill and they were only $1.50 a piece.Just PERFECT for my collection!!:)

I wanted to SHOW and TELL you about this towel. I spent a while looking for a "decorative" towel to display with the other bath items.I couldn't believe how expensive they were!! So...I decided to use some of the wider decorative ribbon from Dollar Tree and hot glue it to a plain white towel. It is a towel that is only for display and not to be used and I did this probably a year ago and it is still holding up fine.I also decorated a couple of the matching wash cloths with the same ribbon and they are on display in the sink area. Just thought you might want to spruce up your bathroom for pennies.:) Literally.hehe Click on pic to get a closer look.!!

Christy decorated another box.This time it is a small pill box.HOW CUTE!! I LOVE it..too bad she gave it to her Daddy.LOL

Here is another card I made using some of the clipart and stamps I have collected .I added a small pocket to the inside for a gift card. :) This card is for my brother and it is okay to tell you cause he never comes to my blog.LOL

This is another card Christy and I made using collected elements and embellishments..etc. I designed the card and added the glitter etc.Christy did the wording etc on the sign.(it has a texture to it)I did the inside and found a perfect reindeer in my stuff.Gotta find it again before I can give proper credit to the artist.:) This card is for her new boyfriend..Josh..who says he loves to go hunting.hehe I should tell Christy to hide his gun and he can have fun hunting for it.LOL

Thanks for stopping in again and I wish you all a Merry CHRISTmas!:)


Awww!How CUTE!

We are family!! My brothers and sisters and me! Hehe
This is one of the favorite spots that Christy's cat LOVES! A bench under my bedroom window...where my bears reside.! :)

Merry CHRISTMas !

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa and the kids:)

I can't believe how fast Alexzander is growing.Whew! Don't blink whatever you do.LOL Isn't he CUTE in his little Santa suit?hehe This is my DIL's ..sister's baby. He was born Nov.30th for those of you who may not know.:)

I LOVE this pic of the girls and Zander (what his Mommy calls him now).. and the girls with a really Authentic looking Santa.:) Don't you just LOVE the girls pretty red dresses and Zander in his Santa suit?:)

Thanks for stopping by!!!


Friday, December 17, 2010

Been baking cookies:)

I tried something new yesterday.Rice Crispy treats with white and chocolate crisps.I melted the marshmallows(1 bag of mini's) in butter(3 tlbs.) and then added two cups white crispies then two cups chocolate crispies,1/2 c of choc chips and 1/2 cup butterscotch chips, and 3/4 c of chopped pecans.I really liked them.:)
This is a no bake cookie.Tastes like peanut butter fudge with chewy oatmeal.LOVE these too!!:) Got the recipe online. Make sure you get the one that has peanut butter in it.I made one last week that didn't and I didn't care for it as much.:)

These are our favorite so far.Mint chocolate cookies.MMMM.:) Just buy the bag of mints (shown in pic) and follow the directions on the back of package. You won't be sorry.:)

Thanks for stopping in!!:)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sisters - Your Presence

The Lord is with us ALL the time.The anointing is him making his presence KNOWN!! :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

When I saw this winter kit ..I knew I would be able to use right away.:) Here is Alexzander in the limelight.hehe Such a CUTIE.:) I used the kit "Softly Christmas" from
  • Sweet Maple Designs
  • . I think it is still available and was in one of the Christmas blog trains. Maybe you even have it in your collections from this week?? I made the frames..and they won't be in the kit if you look for them.:)

    Okay..if you look at it will see a few stragglers from the photos.That will be the near future..but I gotta get busy doing something besides sit at my puter for now.LOL

    Thanks for stopping in.:)


    Monday, December 06, 2010

    My DEAR friend
  • Barb
  • (Mrs.Miles) has started designing again!! YAY!! :) This is a kit she designed for her return . It has soo many elements that she personally painted (Soo COOL!) in her art program and I made a couple of layouts using it and wanted to show them to you!!:)

    This is eldest Grand daughter at Christmas last year. She really looks happy here and she doesn't even know what is in the present.hehe

    This is Christy and our dog..Freedom...playing in the snow this last February. They had a blast!!:)

    Please take a look at my friend..
  • Mrs.Miles
  • blog and you will get the details of how to purchase her kit if you are interested.:)

    Saturday, December 04, 2010

    New baby boy in the family.:)

    Introducing....Alexzander Payton Hebert.:) This is the baby son of my DIL's sister. Isn't he a CUTIE??!:)
    Alexzander was born this Tuesday...and is perfect!! We have been back and forth to the hospital for visits and I don't think there are many things more precious than holding a new born life.:)

    Thanks for stopping in.:)


    Friday, November 26, 2010

    Thursday, November 25, 2010

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I am soo BLESSED! :) Thank you so much Lord for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family! I LOVE you!

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    Here are a few more Christmas cards I made using the COOL and really CUTE freebies I have collected.I will have to take time to find which kits etc they are from and give proper credit for them...but..not until after this weekend.Just way too busy.:)
    I wanted to point out that these are the outsides and insides of each card.The inside can be just as fun as the outside if you so choose.:)

    Thanks so much for stopping by again.:)


    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    Some Christmas cards I have made :)

    This first card I made using Gaye's (GS creations in the sidebar) CUTE doodle snowman. I colored it in my Photo Impact program..printed it out,cut it out, then using my glitter pen..I edged some of it and then Pasted it to a white card stock paper ..then using a green ink pad..I tinted the edges after using a decorative scissor.:) The Merry Christmas Word art came from my collections along the way and I will have to look that one up to give proper credit to the designer.:)

    More cutouts, glitter etc from my Collections. The photo is dark because I had a shadow on it while taking the pic.:) I am definitely NOT a photographer.hehe

    There's that shadow again.:( Light box please!!hehe Well..these bottom two have snowman a variety of elements etc. from my collections. I have more to show..but that is for another day.:)

    Thanks for stopping in!!

    Monday, November 22, 2010

    I needed a bigger box to store my colored markers and gel pens in for scrapping and card making.So..I asked Christy to decorate a chocolate candy box for me.This is the beautiful result. I have a VERY talented daughter ..even if I do say so myself.:)

    Thanks for looking,

    Monday, November 08, 2010


    Thank you all so much for your prayers.I know Donna and my sister Tionie appreciated them so much.The funeral was Saturday. Tionie was so happy she was able to be there for her friend.She found out that she was needed very badly.I am sure she was a comfort to her during this time.I just can not imagine the pain and loss of suddenly losing the one you have given and shared most of your life with.:(


    Tuesday, November 02, 2010

    Prayer Request.....

    My sister got a call from her very best friend that she has had since college.Very bad news.Her friend..Donna..called let her know that her husband had just had a massive heart attack and passed away.He was only 54 ..younger than me.:( She said he had been complaining of his back hurting and she gave him a pillow and as she was trying to make him comfortable..he had a massive heart attack and died right there in front of her.I can't imagine what she is going through right now.So sad.:( Please pray for Donna and her loss...and for peace and comfort during this time and for my sister to be able to be there for her. Tionie has an airline ticket for tomorrow and is rushing around making plans to get out of town and get there as fast as she is able.
    Thank all of you who are standing in the gap for them!!

    Huge hugs and thank you,

    Monday, November 01, 2010

    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    New update on Jim's Dad

    Some of you have been asking me how Jim's Dad is seems that after Jim's Dad had this last heart attack.They did a test to see how his heart muscle is doing.Not so good.:( They told him that he would have a fifty/fifty chance of surviving a three way heart bypass..which is what would be needed to correct some of the blockages. Dad opted to live out his life the best he could without the heart surgery. They might still be able to do stints etc to keep the arteries open. The problem seems to be that his arteries are a bit worn out and they when you suck in on a straw and can't get any liquid because the straw has collapsed in on itself.KWIM? So..they go in and put a stint in the place where it collapsed.The problem is..the last time they did this..the stint didn't get put in the correct spot and the artery collapsed above the stint..thus cutting off the blood flow to his heart..and that caused another heart attack..more damage to his heart etc. Seems Dad's heart is operating only on the back muscle and none of the front.That is because of the previous heart attacks and a huge blockage going to his front heart muscle.Odd thing is..that the veins around that artery..have rerouted themselves and he IS getting a little blood going out of his heart and into this rerouted vein.Go figure!!:)
    Anyway...prayers will always be appreciated. Thank you!


    Friday, October 22, 2010

    Please VOTE and PROMOTE!

    My Dear Friend
  • Mrs.Miles
  • has entered a project and needs our help to vote for her is what she says on her blog.
    THANK YOU to all of you who have hopped on board with my Pepsi Refresh Project GOOD IDEA. Every single vote counts! If you've voted, posted on facebook/twitter and are still wondering how you might help this GOOD IDEA succeed, then there are still a few ways you can do this. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to vote and to comment here. I'm sure each and every one of us is connected to someone who has been helped by the Police Force at some point. This is just a small way to say THANKS, with Pepsi footing the bill! What a celebration it will be!

    If you have not VOTED yet, you can do this by going to
  • refresh everything

  • What are you voting for? To have Pepsi foot the bill for $25,000 for me to hire an events firm to host a fabulous APPRECIATION LUNCHEON for all the Police in our Valley, and their families, and the public! IF enough votes happen, Pepsi will fund it to happen, simple as that!

    I am sure she will appreciate your doing this for her and the police in her area.:)

    Thank you so much.

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    Annoint me Lord

    Here I am again Lord,
    asking for more.
    Fill me up completely
    with the anointing oil.
    Not only my head,
    but every part of me,
    I'm yielded and humbly thine
    A servant to thee.

    Anoint me Lord this day,
    as I go along my way,
    Let my life send forth a glow,
    let the oil around me flow.
    Anoint me Lord I pray..Amen

    Broken hearts and lives
    can be mended anew,
    Just with one touch,
    dear Lord from you.

    Let the oil and the wine
    bring a healing divine,
    to every wounded soul,
    Let it...let it overflow


    Repeat *Chorus..

    Anoint me Lord... oh anoint me Lord

    Saturday, October 09, 2010

    Christy made a "bits and pieces" drawer set !!

    I just had to show this to you. It's not finished yet. Christy still plans on putting on more embellishments etc..but it is coming along quite nicely.:)
    Christy has completely made this from scratch with chipboard and scrapbook papers.:) If I get the time..she also put some pics on Facebook that I might be able to grab and show you the steps it took to do this. She doesn't only have talent..she has patience.LOL

    Thanks for stopping by again...


    Thursday, October 07, 2010

    Shabby Princess BB Pages I need to fill with pics.:)

    This is a brag book album I made using Shabby Princess's new "freebie" kit Plentiful. I did duplicate some of the items to arrange them as I liked..isn't that called "artistic license" hehe Now I just have to wait for some fall pics to fill them with.:) If you like the kit...the link to her site is in my sidebar.....>>>>>>.

    My new desktop wallpaper.:)

    I made a new desktop wallpaper for my puter a couple of weeks ago.I really love it!! I used Shabby Princess's new freebie kit...Plentiful...striped back ground paper. I also used a freebie floral cluster..but when making this..I forgot to write down where I found it and can't seem to find it again right now.It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack.KWIM?hehe
    If you haven't collected the freebie kit..please visit Shabby Princess and pick it up.I LOVE her stuff!!:) Link is in sidebar........over there....>>>>

    Sunday, October 03, 2010

    Christy made another box for me:)

    I found a gorgeous set of "Faith" papers from "The Paper Studio" at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago that I just couldn't resist. I asked Christy to make a box for daily devotionals for me.:) This is the BEAUTIFUL result.She uses chipboard to actually make the box from scratch and then covers the box with gorgeous papers and then she paints and antiques the chipboard elements that are on it.Soo COOL!!:) Click on the pics for a closer look.:)

    Thanks for stopping by.:)

    Saturday, September 04, 2010

    Christy is at it again....or should I say ..still?:)

    I grabbed her pic off of Facebook.LOL She just did this one yesterday.Reminds me of one of the cutest animated cartoons I have ever seen.:)
    Christy..your wall is looking GREAT now.:) Soo colorful.:)

    Another update on Jim's Dad.We found out he has about a two inch blockage of plaque that has plugged his artery up 100% on the left side of his heart going to the bottom of his heart.He will be going to have some more tests done to see if his heart can stand a three way bypass or not.Please continue to pray ....and THANK YOU so much.:)


    Wednesday, September 01, 2010

    Christy's New Craft .:)

    Cell phone box...too COOL!! It's hers though.:( LOL
    This one is done using a key element and some beautiful gold border stickers. I LOVE the paper she has chosen to use.It's from The Fairy Tale collection sold at Micheal's a while back.:) We actually got a pack a piece..each on sale for $5.00. Can't beat that!! :)

    Christy is having a blast making her own boxes.These are made using chipboard and scrapbook paper.She cuts the shape out of the chipboard..then designs the box..then wraps the paper around them .Then when the glue is dry..she puts a finish coat on them to make them water resistant.:) The bottom box with the fairy paper..she gave to me.!!! I LOVE it!!:) They are small boxes and I plan to store the beautiful jewelry she has made for me in it. But...I prolly will need another box..oh CHRISTY!!! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by!


    Friday, August 27, 2010

    Christy's New Necklace.:)

    Here is Christy's latest hand made necklace..including the chain.:) Isn't it pretty??!! I love the way she has allowed it to adjust to different lengths.All you have to do is pull the knots and you have a shorter necklace.:) You know those blouses where the neckline is just not in the right place for the chain on your necklace? Well...this solves that problem quite nicely.:) To make it longer..just pull on the strings instead of the knots.We need one of those "EASY"buttons here.KWIM? LOL The way she did this one is a lot sturdier than some in the past.The chain goes through the main part of the pendant..instead of dangling from a softer clay hanger. :) You live and they say..and I can relate to that.I'm still learning.hehe

    Thanks so much for stopping by.:)


    Tuesday, August 24, 2010

    Christy's paintings

    Inspired by her friends(Mandi-via Sips n Strokes) paintings, she gave painting beach umbrellas a try...she likes the way it turned out...(me too) the canvas is an 8 in by 10 in canvas so it's pretty small...

    Playing some more, decided to paint her toy violin and add some spice :p..She ♥ swirls...also and 8 in by 10 in canvas.

    Hanging on her empty wall space :D. Click on the pics for a closer look.:)

    Christy posted this on Facebook and I thought I would copy it to my blog so those of you who don't Facebook can see it too.:) I may be slightly prejudice..but I really think she has wonderful talent!!:)

    Thanks for looking...