Sunday, December 06, 2009

Nicole and Troy's Engagement and Party

This is my niece,Nicole, and her fiance,Troy, at Disney World.They had planned a trip there earlier this year and unknowingly to Nicole..Troy had planned the perfect spot to "pop the question".In front of Cinderella's Castle. How ROMANTIC!:)

We went to their engagement party last evening .It was held at Troy's folks home.These are a few pics I took to have as a reminder and hopefully ..make some layouts of ..soon.:)

Williams Brother's BBQ.mmmm Baked Beans and Brunswick Stew.:)

This is my Nephew Eddie ,his wife Jennifer and their cutie... Katlyn.
I wanted to point out the picture that is on the table behind Jennifer.It is of Troy proposing to Nicole.They placed it in the frame with a mat that was large enough around it so that everyone could sign their names on it instead of having a guest book. Terrific idea if you ask me.:)

Nicole baked and prepared for two days making these scrumptious goodies for us.Isn't this a "Sweet" table? Literally!!:) From the front right..going toward the top of the pic...Choc chip and peanut butter cookies..Rice Crispy treats, Oh..I forgot what the next ones are called..but they are made with caramel,peanut butter and chinese noodle thingys.LOL Fudge that was loaded with marshmallows and sliced into perfect sized pieces and in the center of the platter...strawberries. Key lime pie..Pretzels dipped in chocolate,pineapple chunks,white chocolate with candy cane pieces mixed in it, more chocolate chip cookies with chocolate icing dobbed on top and in the center of the table..a plate of brownies. There were small bowls of Christmas candies placed in various spots to fill in.:) Great job Nicole!

Thanks for stopping in:)