Sunday, November 08, 2009

Christy's New "BEAUTIFUL" Doll

YAY! Christy (DD) just finished making another doll. Isn't she gorgeous!!!!? Christy notices all the imperfections ..but I notice how very talented my daughter is and would love to have that kind of creative ability. Christy used inset eyes...that "she" made!! How cool is that? Okay..I am excited..hehe Christy hasn't been able to work with her polymer clay dolls for a while now because she had a problem with her hand going numb.She found something that helped her to adjust her back and she was surprised that her hand didn't go numb.I think it's like anything else that you do repetitively.(prolly mispelled) :) I was soo pleased to see her working on another doll and I just HAD to show her to you!:) Oh...her dress is made from "paper"..isn't that COOL!?

I have been sick with a BAD cold this week. Hacking and coughing until my sides ache.. and seems like I have used the whole towns supply of tissues. hehe....but I got up this morning actually feeling like I just might survive it!LOL Maybe my fever broke??hmmm.Will have to check that out.:)

If you wouldn't mind leaving a comment for Christy on would make both of our days!!:)