Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Any one need some fall leaves for scrappin?LOL This is my back yard at the moment.The winds came and then the rain and the leaves covered the yard.:) I can see in the top pic that there are still more leaves to fall ya'll. This isn't even half of the yard.I have another tree almost as big as it on the opposite side of the yard...doing the same thing.:( Sorry the pics are so dark..the sun hasn't come peeking through the clouds yet.I took these pics through the sliding glass doors cause it is cold out there this morning and if I hold the door open..the cat tries to run out...and she would be totally lost out there...cause she is an indoor cat with a passion for fresh air.LOL
The little orange spot in the top pic is the reflection of my kitchen in the glass.:) I am definitely not a professional photographer.hehe
I have a question for my dear friend Barb (Mrs.Miles). Would you like some more yard work to do? You would definitely get a work out over here.hehe