Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Roof ...Yay!

We got a new roof Thursday.:) We really needed one and especially because of the storm that came through a few weeks ago .Remember the flooding in Georgia? Well..the wind and rain did damage and we had leaks.Plus a few hail storms didn't help any either! :) We noticed that several of the houses on our street were getting new roofs Jim stopped by and talked to the roofer.He came to inspect ours and between him (the roofer) and the insurance guy..the decision was made.:) This pic is before the clean up.It's the back part of the house above the deck.:)
I have been keeping busy lately..paper scrapping ....transferring the house...watching roofers.LOL I have started an album of Christy.From the time she was born.I scanned her school pics too and am doing a progression album. I still enjoy paper scrapping!! I find the digital elements that I have collected over the years and then place the ones I want on a single sheet in my paint program and print them out to cut out for my pages. Some of the photos..I do digitally..(place the pic in the frame I like and print it out) ..then cut it out and place on my page.I also make cards using elements from my collections.:) I do the paper scrapping when my eyes get tired from looking at the monitor too long...and lately..that has been I will enjoy the hybrids for a while! :)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!