Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Valjs Desktop 10-3-09

Here is a simple layout I made of Christy when she was much younger.hehe It's a simple layout but I really love it.Doesn't she look like she knows who she is?LOL I have loved this photo since the day I saw it..cause it is SOO her.:)

I made another layout of my DD ..using my dear friend Cintia's "Fashion Girl" kit. I LOVE Cintia's designs.Such wonderful elements and the textured papers are awesome.:) Thanks Cintia for sharing your Fantastic designs with me.:) If you haven't checked out Cintia's designs..please look to the right and click on her link.It's in my sidebar.:)

I made myself a desktop for my puter..using my Hearts Frame Cluster...and I am really happy with it.:) There is room on the left side for those who show the icons and want a spot to put them.Or...there is room for journaling or reminders etc. It's made at 1280x800.I have a widescreen monitor and that size works great!:)

Here's the link ..if you would like to have it.:)

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